How We Got Started

Lochlorien Farm is a family run farm in the Cradle of Mankind, made up of grandparents, parents and children. The oldest member of our family being 70 years old, whilst the youngest is 6 years old.

Lochlorien farm commenced Duck Farming in January 2016. At this point we supplied mostly restaurants and neighbours.  The popularity of our products grew fast, and we soon realized that like us, most people love good food, quality ingredients and Master Chef  laughing.

We love experimenting with our produce, and have seen first hand how a mediocre dish can be transformed to a tantalizing dish by using quality ingredients.

Our Ethos is “keep it natural”!  Our Ducks are free range, no medications or hormones are given and we do no inject brine. This extends to our vegetables and fruit (in fact anything that comes off our farm). We do not use insecticides, we prefer to do it Gods way by companion planting, this coupled with organically enriched soil, makes for a recipe of success!.

We stock a variety of produce grown on our farm as well as a range of complimentary products, which we carefully and deliberately source.


When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the LORD your God for the good land he has given you.

Our Focus

Our focus is strongly ‘Natural’. and this extends to the quality of life of our ducks. They are kept completely naturally, with minimal interference, so as to insure low stress. Spending their days splashing in their ponds. We define ‘Natural as, free range, pesticide free, antibiotic/hormone free and quality nutrition. This is evident in the end result of our produce.

Our Products

Duck Meat – Free Range ducks fed on fish free, cereal based, feed of the highest quality, seasonal vegetables and barley.. We have whole duck, duck leg & thigh and duck Breast. We also have free range duck eggs and duck liver pate made by ourselves which is a top seller – our ducks are not force fed, and therefore we have limited quantities.

Aside from our ducks we stock all things complimentary to our deli. This ranges from the most delicious handcrafted cheese to homemade Jams, chutneys and preserves made with love and seasonal ingredients. Our cold meats and salamis are sourced from ethical producers using traditional methods of curing, to produce quality Italian and Spanish style cured meats. Our Goats milk products are stocked for their many health benefits and excellent taste. Some of the health benefits of goats milk include but are not limited to, easier for  the body to digest, higher concentration of calcium and minerals, fewer allergens and its incredible healing properties.


Traditional duck found in stores and restaurants

Approximately 28% fat content. Ducks, are a good sources of protein, iron, selenium, B vitamins, and zinc. The skin is contains approximately 1/3 saturated fat and 2/3 monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fat.